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Single pane for everything

Google Form, Vimeo, Teams, Zoom, Power Automator, PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, Doodle, Fax machines...

With eventOS you have all the necessary data related to your event in one place. We offer customer registration, event pages, agenda, meeting setup and many more modules out of the box in one tool. The easy to use setup makes it child's play to set up your event.

Easy collaboration

Planning an event is no task for just one person. With eventOS all your partners and agencies can work together at the same time. eventOS is the single source of truth for your event data.

Even your speakers and meeting holders can work on their on personal data like biography, profile pictures, contact data and availabilities.

Hybrid solution

Your events will continue as usual even after the pandemic ends. eventOS will be able to connect both your live attendees and your online customers.

Channel the strength of the digital as well as the analog world with just one tool for all types of conferences and attendees.

Packages: Funktionen

Our services

Choose your package.


  • Participant management – registration tool

  • Email sending from system

  • Registration & custom websites

  • Agenda

  • Streaming possibility (Zoom Meetings/Webinars/breakout rooms, MS Teams, Vimeo, YouTube,…..)

  • Custom design per corporation/organization (Logo, corporate color scheme, fonts .woff)

  • Email templates per organization

  • 3 admins

  • Self service

  • Email support

  • Forced „powered by eventOS“ in footer note


  • All features of BRONZE + the following features

  • Live support chat with event team

  • Custom design per event

  • Custom email templates per event

  • Survey module

  • Attachments can be uploaded with individual icons (pdf, ppt, pictures, videos…)

  • Additional custom blocks for individualization

  • Basic analytics – live statistics 

  • 10 admins

  • Email support with eventOS team

  • Self service


  • All features of SILVER + the following features

  • Sponsor Module

  • Face 2 Face (f2f) module for live and hybrid events (hotel rooming lists, flight data,…) 

  • Invoicing module semi automated

  • Customer to customer chat

  • Advanced analytics

  • No limit on admins

  • Help hotline support to eventOS

  • Possibility to take „powered by eventOS“ off the footer page

Packages: Preisliste

More power?

The most customization for your event


  • All features of GOLD + the following features

  • Custom html blocks

  • 121 planning and execution module

  • Full analytics

  • Subgroups (company backend can be divided/organized in subgroups with different admin rights/areas/visibility)

  • User rights access management

  • Dedicated customer experience manager of eventOS

Packages: Preisliste
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